DIY Popcorn

DIY Popcorn <br>Seasoning
DIY popcorn seasoning is a great way to add some flavor to your popcorn! America’s Favorite Gourmet Popcorn has fun and delicious recipes for you to try.

Is Popcorn A
Healthy Snack?

Is Popcorn A <br> Healthy Snack?
Unlike most snack foods, popcorn not only tastes good, but and is actually good for you! YES – popcorn is a healthy snack. The healthiest way to eat popcorn is Air-popped popcorn.

Regular vs
Gourmet Popcorn

Regular vs <br>Gourmet Popcorn
The way popcorn is made determines if it’s regular or gourmet. Learn more about regular and gourmet popcorn, and how the ingredients make all the difference.

Can Dogs
Eat Popcorn?

Can Dogs <br>Eat Popcorn?
As humans we love the tasty treat of popcorn! But can man’s best friend eat popcorn? You asked the question; we have the answer to is popcorn good for dogs?

Health Benefits of
Dark Chocolate

Health Benefits of <br>Dark Chocolate
While dark chocolate is full of calories, you would be surprised at the amount of health benefits it has! Learn more about what dark chocolate can do for you.

Can You Freeze

Can You Freeze <br>Popcorn?
Stale popcorn just won't do, especially for your guests! You can keep your popcorn fresh for long amounts of time by freezing it. Learn more about the science behind this storage tip!

The Different Types
of Corn

The Different Types <br>of Corn
Did you know there are four main different types of corn? Each type serves a different purpose from food to decoration to popcorn. Can you guess our favorite?