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Packaging Sizes

All of our popcorn is of the highest quality, regardless of the size you choose, always backed by our satisfaction guarantee.

The Fan Favorite Gift Bag - This bag is the best value we offer and will put a smile on anyone's face - whether it is a gift recipient or if you are ordering for yourself. Comes with approx 40 cups of your choice of our gourmet popcorn (almost two and a half gallons!)

The Perfect Gift Bag - This bag comes with approx 28 cups of the chosen popcorn (one and a half gallons of the most amazing popcorn!)

Sampler Gift Boxes - These contain 6 or 9 sample bags. Each bag holds approximately 2 cups of our gourmet popcorn. Perfect for trying all of our amazing flavors. 

Create Your Own Gift Box - You're the boss here. These come with your choice of either 2 or 3 bags of our gourmet popcorn. Each bag contains around 8 cups of delicious popcorn. Great for choosing the flavors you wish to eat, or the flavors you wish to give.

Tin Containers - Our Tins come in three different sizes, and make a great gift container, even after all of the gourmet popcorn has been eaten. These come in your choice of one, two, or three and a half gallon reusable tin containers. The popcorn is wrapped in a plastic bag to ensure freshness to your gift's final destination. These tins make a nice gift container for any special occasion and can be used later for regular storage, giving this gift a nice dual purpose.


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